KMIU - Workshops

These workshops have been devised for executives of any level, but are accessible to all interested individuals. Active interaction in real time is expected. There are no admission requirements for workshops.


W01: KM101 Esercizio

W02: Leading the Collective Intelligently Esercizio

W03: Communities of Practice: Informal Networks Esercizio

W04: Optimizing Flows: See Needs in Knowledge Esercizio

W05: Delivering Successful Social Projects Esercizio

W06: Knowledge Management Maturity Modeling Esercizio

W07: Creating a KM strategy Esercizio

W08: Accelerating Organizational Change for KM Esercizio

W09: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Implementing KM Esercizio

W10: Critical Success Factors for KM Initiatives  Esercizio

W11: Team Problem Solving and Knowledge Sharing Esercizio


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